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Anyone who has ever spent a moment on Whispering Randomness can’t have possibly avoided noting “A little intriguing wordsmithery” in the right column of each and every page.

Those aren’t randoms from a popular ‘quote of the day’ email or keyword search site like BrainyQuote, GoodReads, Eduro, The Quotations Page or The Quote Factory. Every single one of the quotes shown have had an impact on me personally. For several years, I have made it a point to save them. This just so happens to be the place I wound up translocating all 200+ quotes from my various lists.

Back to the topic of Einstein quotes. We’ve all heard something on the internet and think to ourselves ‘seriously?’. On occasion, I do take a little time to verify the source of quotations, especially when they’re someone noteworthy or of high intelligence, like Einstein.

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