How to configure the newly purchased wifi router

Basically there are two stages while setting up a new wireless router. One is wiring process in which connection of wires are involved. After getting done with wiring process the next step is to configure a wifi router. This second process is a bit tricky and involves software based router configuration.

wifi router

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WiFi router configuation

While configuring a wireless router, one has to check if their router has its software to install or not. If router contains its software then install it on computer that is linked to a router with the help of the Ethernet. After installation, by using software assign the name and type the security on wireless network. WPA2 is normally more secured so one should choose this type. After that, enter desired password and move to next step. Mostly routers software has ability to identify internet settings on its own. All information that routers may need to conncet all devices with internet connection is obtained automatically by software.

However, if the router does not have any software with it then one have to configure it manually by visiting router configuration web page through any browser. For this web address of a router will be required that is usually or Still one can get accurate web address through router’s documentation. After entring router web address, users are asked to enter username and password that again can be taken from router documentation. However, router’s specific login information can be obtained at


The next step in router configuration is to add internet connection information that includes DNS and IP address info from Internet Service Provider. Here again routers are able to add all these info on their own and if they don’t, user should ask their ISP for required informations. After entering IP address and DNS information, wireless settings are adjusted and this section is available at the upper part of router menu. In this step, users have to set their network SSID, wireless signal and encryption. In the SSID option name of the network is provided. It is recommended to not use any identifiable name of network as it will be seen by all wireless users. For encryption setting, user should select newest version provided by their routers that is WPA2 in most cases. After performing all these steps, select save button to ensure all settings remain preserved. Routers should be located in such positions that have minimum chances of facing hurdles like doors, and walls etc to get good quality signals.

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