How lucky You Are ? A scientific Motivation

how lucky you are

A motivational Speech: How Lucky You’re

A Few decades ago, millions of sperm cell were wandering randomly by moving their tails. Although they were millions in numbers but still each one of them was feeling alone. Each sperm was looking for a partner to mate for life.


sperm cells

At the end only one out millions was able to survive and the rest of them died. Do you know who that was? It was you, yes you. You were lucky enough to bypass millions of fellow sperms and turned into zygote.


The Winner Among Millions | Photo by Lennart-Nilsson

You were nourished by the blood of your mother and after nine months, you opened your eyes to the world. You mother endured intensive pain, and still smiled to look at your face.


Image Via Source

This story does not start here. It started 13.46 billion years ago when this universe formed with a big bang. The temperature was extremely hot, that is 1.16 Gigakelvin (2000000000°F). Then It started expanding to cool down and rearrange.

Today our universe comprises more than 100 elements and the average temperature is 2.3 K (-454°F). This means that most of the universe is frozen to absolute zero and the rest of it is in the form of burning gigantic stars. But you can only live in an extremely small range of temperature that is about 0-50°C (18-10 °F) . You are lucky to have a planet that lies in that narrow belt of temperature, which is suitable for you to live. But temperature is not all you need to live. You need a lot of factors to support your survival like air, water, pressure and many more.

water in human body

Image via Taosophy

You are lucky to live on a blue green gem called Earth. Your planet provided with all you need to live. In desert dry universe you have a planet which has 71% of water on its surface.


Image via Source

A layer of air covered you planet in which you can breath. You wouldn’t have lived if you were about 20 km above or just 2 km below the surface of Earth. You are provided with two heat engines, one is external that is sun and other is internal that is core of Earth.

You would have become sick of light or dark and a single hot or cold season. So your earth managed to rotate and spin tilted to provide you cycle of day and night and beautiful combination of four seasons a year to enjoy.


Image Via Source

You would have burned with radiations if your earth did not have strong magnetic field as a shield to protect you from solar flares. Moreover there is a layer of ozone which filters harmful radiations from sun.



Image via Source

You’re born in time when bodies of bajillions of past living creatures died and converted into fossil fuel for you.

Don’t you feel lucky if you think that among 8.7 million known (upto 100 million are predicted) living species, you are species who has the most advance brain. A super computer of 83,000 processors can not even match 1 present of your brain.


Image via Source

Your brain is the only capable computer to process the data from retina of your eye. The retina which has 10 layered sensors which can senses 10 million colors. Each of your eyes has two lenses and produce image of 576 megapixel resolution. Simply it can be said that you have two 576MP cameras in your skull.


Image Via Art Sheep

Your nose can detect 1000’s of different smells. You have a tongue to enjoy food, a mouth to talk and ears to listen. Do you know you have a unique face, not a single person on the planet has a face identical to you. You are able to express feelings of happiness, excitement, love, pain and many more, with your face. No other species on this planet has so many expressions to show emotions. Every organ in your body is super. Believe me you’re super natural creature.

beach mind relaxation

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You’re lucky that your eyes can blink and you’re alive. You’re not among billions of people who died before you. You have a priceless gift, “Time”. So utilize your abilities to revolutionize the world. Your life has purpose. You’re not here to just eat and sleep. You’re the most important thing in this universe. You’re here to think and act. You’re here to create and explore. You’re the right person, at the right time so, to do the job your life intended you to do, live and be plenty.

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