Health benefits of Beach trips for Mind and Body

beach trips

Humans have an instinctive bond with beaches since long time. Our body, mind and soul gets a delightful pleasure when interacts with the quiet sandy breeze flowing around the beach. There are many positive effects which can be attained through visiting beaches. So today we are going to provide you some legitimate reasons to prove that you can rejuvenate your body and mind by visiting beaches in leisure time.

beach trips

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Connection of Water with Our Mind and Body

We all know that water is a crucial molecule for life. Along with the air it is the most omnipresent substance on the earth. The water makes our planet a blue green gem in the desert dry universe. As mentioned in the beginning that human are dependent on water from onset of life. We started our journey of life from placenta water (amniotic fluid) and water stays with us as long as we are alive. Body of a new born baby contains about 75 percent of water and reduces to 60% percent as ageing takes place. Our brain is comprised of 75% water and our bones are 31% of H2O. On average we hold 60% water in our body so it is clear that there is no life without water.

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Water: The Companion of our Mind, Body and Soul

Since the beginning of humanity, we have always sought to be in or near water. Even today 80 percent of the human population lives within 100 km of water coastlines such as ocean, lakes, rivers and other water sources. Livelihood of half billion people is directly associated to with water and two third of the global economy is dependent on water. Water gives us food, clothes, shelter and everything which we need for full enjoyment of life.

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Besides economy, food and proximity we have an innate relationship with water. We love to hear the sound of water; we enjoy playing with water, walking by it. There are many activities such as fishing, surfing and swimming which gives peace to our mind and relaxation to the body.

Effects of Visiting Beaches on Your Mind

Beaches are the places where human can interact with plenty of water.  Here are some mental benefits associated with beaches:

  1. In the midst of a stressful week you can go to beach for a few hours. The relaxing effect of beach will help you overcome stress and burden on your
  2. What is a better way than spending your vacations relaxing on a tropical island surrounded in turquoise calm waters?
  3. Walking next to water on beaches serves as hydrotherapy and it helps you refreshing your mind. This hydrotherapy is being used for treatment of various kinds of mental ailments, especially for the people who are suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress.
  4. Desolate beaches provide you the necessary isolation from rushes of cities to relax your body and mind.
  5. Cognitive neuroscientists have confirmed that the intelligence, creativity and better decision making has a connection to relaxing effect water. This is proved through tools like EEGs, MRIs, and those fMRIs.
  6. It is scientifically proven that our body secretes feel-good hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin, in the proximity of water for our  Brain.
  7. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol also drop in water proximal areas such as beaches.
  8. Encyclopedia of coastal sciences states that there is positive impact of aesthetic beaches on the human mind.
  9. The water has tonic effect when splashed on the face and it gives the mental refreshment by gentle and rhythmic sound of waves on sandy beaches.

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“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.
— Alan Watts”

Effects of Visiting Beach on Your Body

Along with the positive effects of beaches on mind, our bodies also get benefited from them. There are many health benefits which are directly or indirectly related to beaches. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. There are many healthy games which are played on sand of beaches such as beach rugby, beach run, beach soccer, beach tennis and the most enjoyable beach volleyball. All these sports are endless opportunities to exercise and all are very energizing and sufficient to keep your body fit.
  2. Immersion of body in beach water restores the energy of the body and helps your muscles to relax.
  3. Insomnia sufferers can have a wonderful sleep after visiting the beach because beaches relieve the sleep inhibiting factors and regulates the hormones in our body.
  4. Iodine which is vital for humans is adequately present in the sea water and you can get it easily absorbed through your skin when you swim by heading out into the sea water.
  5. The absorption of oxygen increases in the lungs in coastal areas. People with breathing difficulties will find that it’s far easier to breathe when on the beach.
  6. The water offers a great deal aerobics which is, by far, the easiest aerobic exercise for the people with joint pain or arthritis. This is because the weight of a person submerged in water is reduced by around ninety percent.
  7. The beach water has an amazingly positive effect on the overall health and appearance of skin. It’s not about getting tanned in the sun, instead it the exfoliating, detoxifying and antibacterial effect of salt present in water.
  8.  The Salty water on the beach has unique antifungal and antibacterial action which makes it excellent for healing external infections and internal infections as well.
  9. Sun light carries vitamin D which essential for healthy life so spending just 15 minutes outside in the sunny beach can help you absorb daily dose of vitamin D in body directly through their skin.

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Ending words

You read about many positive effects of beaches on our mind and body, but it’s very regretful that our effects are negative on beaches. We are polluting the beaches and ruining the natural habitat of coastal environments. Many of us leave behind the trash on the beaches which are degrading the healthy nature of beaches and also the wildlife of coastal environments. We should save our shores and we all should take the responsibility of preserving the beaches from every kind of pollution.

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