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    40 Inventions that Changed the World, Completely

    Here we have collected a brief list of inventions that changed the world completely. We have arranged them in chronological order so you can have an idea that which has come before us.  Here’s a brief tour through some of the most important innovations in human history. Let me know in the comments if you […] More

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    oppo a57

    Oppo A57 Specs, features and Price in Pakistan

    Oppo unveiled its new mid ranged smartphone – Oppo A57 on Friday. Phone is currently launched in its home country China. The new oppo A57 will be currently only available in China. It is expected that this new smartphone will be available in Pakistan by the end of 2016 or early in 2017 but no […] More

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    Image Anyone who has ever spent a moment on Whispering Randomness can’t have possibly avoided noting “A little intriguing wordsmithery” in the right column of each and every page. Those aren’t randoms from a popular ‘quote of the day’ email or keyword search site like BrainyQuote, GoodReads, Eduro, The Quotations Page or The Quote Factory. […] More

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    How to configure the newly purchased wifi router

    Basically there are two stages while setting up a new wireless router. One is wiring process in which connection of wires are involved. After getting done with wiring process the next step is to configure a wifi router. This second process is a bit tricky and involves software based router configuration. Read More : 5 […] More

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    how lucky you are

    How lucky You Are ? A scientific Motivation

    A motivational Speech: How Lucky You’re A Few decades ago, millions of sperm cell were wandering randomly by moving their tails. Although they were millions in numbers but still each one of them was feeling alone. Each sperm was looking for a partner to mate for life.   At the end only one out millions was […] More

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